Boys & Girls Leadership & Multicultural Pageant

Congratulations to Kahleen Yeboua and Yves-Uriel Tchoungou for being elected respectively Princess and Prince Malaika 2015


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Winners of Little Malaika 2013

8 year-old Semai Tewelde and 7 year-old Alexis Turbat are elected respectively Princess and Prince Malaika 2013. Congratulations!

Leadership Class

Pape Samb, President & CEO of Phelps Stokes teaches Little Malaika contestants on leadership, class of 2013.

Public Speaking Class

Warren Brown, Celebrity Entrepreneur and CEO of Cake Love Bakery teaches public speaking to Little Malaika contestants, class of 2013.

Children of the world

Girl in Thailand

Children in Martinique

Native American Girl

Boys in Indonesia

Girl in Ethiopia


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